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Bulk registration of FIM SSPR question and answer gate (QA Gate) answers

Most, but probably not all, will know that the FIMAutomation PowerShell snapin that shipped with Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2 included additional cmdlets to those that shipped with FIM 2010.  The new cmdlets are for Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) … Continue reading

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GUIDs and octet strings (converting between them)

I’ve been working on a relatively simple synchronisation project that consists of two Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) forests (the source forest, a single label root domain and three child domains; and the target forest, a single domain forest … Continue reading

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Editing the FIM Portal web.config in a farm topology

Hit an interesting issue this week.  One of the projects I’m working on was patching pre-production with 4.1.3419.0 and at the end of the process two of the four portals were down.  Properly down.  HTTP 500 error.  The issue was … Continue reading

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Office 365 Exchange Hybrid DIRSYNC write-back attributes and permissions

Those of you implementing the DIRSYNC appliance or the Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) multi-forest directory synchronisation solution might need to implement the write-back of attributes into the Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) forest for the purpose of Exchange Hybrid, … Continue reading

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FIM Service Principal Names and Kerberos Delegation

Kerberos authentication and delegation.  A surprisingly complex subject for many.  But it shouldn’t be! If truth be told I’ve been a little shocked at how difficult some folk involved in FIM projects (or general infrastructure projects) find implementing multiple-tier applications … Continue reading

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FIM, PowerShell and DateTime type attributes

In FIM 2010 we couldn’t update DateTime attribute types using the Configuration Migration PowerShell cmdlets.  This used to crop up from time to time and has hampered quite a few people over the last couple of years.  The good news … Continue reading

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Initialising arrays in PowerShell

Initializing arrays in PowerShell (en-US spelling for search engine purposes ). I think it’s taken me three years to work this out and it took a rushed script with a typo to figure it out.  Later I finally found the … Continue reading

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Obtaining a random result set in PowerShell

Given a set of data how does one return an arbitrary subset?  Well in T-SQL we’d do this: So how can we do this in PowerShell?  Well in pretty much the same way actually.  Pipe to Sort-Object and then to … Continue reading

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How to use Sort Keys in LDP

I knocked up an example PowerShell one liner for a colleague to get the oldest item in the Deleted Objects container because of a need to identify the default tombstone lifetime (i.e. when there’s no value on the nTDSService object’s … Continue reading

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Invoking (running) SQL Server Agent Jobs using PowerShell

As I navigate the meandering thread of complexities that is the identity management project I inevitably find myself using SQL Server more and more.  Forgone is the text delimited management agent; embraced is the database management agent (specifically, SQL Server).  … Continue reading

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