Setting Boolean attributes using LDP

Quick and gentle reminder.  LDP expects you to replace a Boolean attribute with either TRUE or FALSE.  True, False, true or false don’t cut it…

If you try and use True, False, true or false you’ll get this error:

***Call Modify…
ldap_modify_s(ld, ‘CN=Ross\, Barney,OU=Executive,OU=Departments & Functions,DC=corp,DC=tailspin-toys,DC=com’,[1] attrs);
Error: Modify: Invalid Syntax. <21>
Server error: 00000057: LdapErr: DSID-0C090A85, comment: Error in attribute conversion operation, data 0, vece
Error 0x57 The parameter is incorrect.

If you use TRUE or FALSE all is well:

***Call Modify…
ldap_modify_s(ld, ‘CN=Mauser\, Trent,OU=Executive,OU=Departments & Functions,DC=corp,DC=tailspin-toys,DC=com’,[1] attrs);
Modified “CN=Mauser\, Trent,OU=Executive,OU=Departments & Functions,DC=corp,DC=tailspin-toys,DC=com”.


About Paul Williams

IT consultant working for Microsoft specialising in Identity Management and Directory Services.
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