Resynchronising ma-data and mv-data resources

In this post I mentioned that the ma-data objects were only created for a subset of my management agents when I performed a synchronisation of the Synchronization Service configuration to the FIM Service.  After writing the post I thought nothing of it until Craig answered the question in one of his excellent sessions at TEC Europe 2011.  Inbound attribute flow is defined in the mv-data resources; inbound flow is ultimately an aspect of the metaverse in that it defines the data that will be stored in the metaverse.  Outbound attribute flows on the other hand are defined in the ma-data resources, as these flows govern changes specific to the management agent in question.  When you resynchronise the Synchronization Service configuration ma-data resources are only created if there is an outbound flow on the MA.  If there isn’t an outbound flow on the MA then there’s no need for the ma-data resources as the inbound flows are defined in the mv-data resource.

As an aside, it should be noted that the mentioned synchronisation flows both ways.  Typically we create and configure management agents and the MV schema using the Synchronization Service Manager.  When we do so the changes are pushed up to the FIM Service –they’re used by the Synchronization Rule RCDC code-behind among other things.  It is possible however to create MAs and MV schema, modify precedence, toggle provisioning, etc. from the FIM Service.  Indeed, this is how SharePoint 2010 configures the FIM Synchronization Service for the purpose of the User Profile Application.  Thus far we’ve not seen a publically available code sample to create the necessary XML to enable us to make use of this facility however I don’t think this will always be the case –I imagine Craig will have it working sooner than later…


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IT consultant working for Microsoft specialising in Identity Management and Directory Services.
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1 Response to Resynchronising ma-data and mv-data resources

  1. craigmartin says:

    Glad you enjoyed the session, great seeing you as always!

    FYI – here is a link to the protocol doc that contains the details for updating MV and MA objects via the FIM Service:

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