Failure when making a web service call when running Start-FIMReportingInitialSync.ps1

You invoke the script Start-FIMReportingInitialSync.ps1 and get the generic Failure when making web service call error from Import-FIMConfig.  The error itself is “The web service client has encountered the following class of error: SystemConstraint”.  The additional text details state: “The Request contains changes that violate system constraints”.

As we’re running the Start-FIMReportingInitialSync.ps1 we know that we’re actually trying to create an msidmReportingJob resource.  If we inspect the Forefront Identity Manager event log there’ll be a corresponding event (we have a correlation ID now too).  The event will define the requestor, the correlation ID and then define the system constraint within the PermissionDeniedException:

SystemConstraint —> System.InvalidOperationException: This service instance could not create a reporting job because ReportingLoggingEnabled setting is false.

OK.  How do we set the ReportingLoggingEnabled option to true?  Quite easily actually.

Navigate to Administration | All Resources | System Configuration Settings (msidmSystemConfiguration) in the FIM Portal and you’ll see a single resource: System Configuration Settings.  Open the properties of this resource, click Extended Attributes and toggle the Reporting Logging Enabled checkbox.

Run the script again and all is well.

Looks like this isn’t toggled when you install Reporting via a change installation, i.e. you didn’t install Reporting when you installed the FIM Service.  Whether or not the RTM bits will change this I don’t know…


About Paul Williams

IT consultant working for Microsoft specialising in Identity Management and Directory Services.
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3 Responses to Failure when making a web service call when running Start-FIMReportingInitialSync.ps1

  1. UPDATE: The RTM installation doesn’t cause this problem to happen. The RTM installation properly changes the value of Reporting Logging Enabled.

  2. Aryan Nava says:

    Reporting Logging Enabled but still not able to run the script

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