Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2 build 4.1.3461.0 released

August 23rd saw Microsoft release a new hotfix rollup package (build 4.1.3461.0) for Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2.  The official documentation for this build can be found on the Microsoft support website under knowledgebase (KB) article kb2870703.  Download link is here.  This build supersedes 4.1.3451.0.

The hotfix rollup consists of one (1) BHold update, and six (6) FIM Synchronization Service updates.  Most of the updates are related to ECMA2.  One annoying bug that’s been around for a while that is fixed is the issue where you configure the FIM Service MA to export and log to an audit drop file and nothing exports (issue 1, FIM Synchronization Service).  The schema refresh issue that affected 32-bit (x86) connectors, including the Domino connector, has also been sorted and there’s an ECMA2 export memory leak issue also been resolved.

Full details, duplicated from the KB, are:

FIM Synchronization Service

Issue 1

When the FIM Service Management Agent runs an export run profile that is configured to also log an audit file, no objects are exported to FIM Service.

Issue 2

The FIM Synchronization Service leaks memory on export when an ECMA2 Connector is used.

Issue 3

It takes a long time to save a new ECMA2 Connector with a large schema.

Issue 4

ECMA2 Connectors that run in 32-bit mode cannot refresh the schema. This includes the Domino Connector as provided by Microsoft.

Issue 5

When you use the ECMA2 distinguished name (DN) capability that is not set as anchor, the old DN is not present in the export entry if the DN is changed to a new value.

Changed behaviour: The DN property always contain the old DN and the new DN will be present as an attribute update.

Issue 6

When you edit an existing ECMA2 Connector, you may receive the following error message in some scenarios:

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

FIM BHold Suite

Issue 1

When you create custom attributes in BHOLD Core that are linked to the Permission object type, an import of these permissions into the Metaverse (MV) does not synchronize the attribute values of the custom attributes.

To resolve this issue, run the SQL script in the BHOLD KB2870703.txt file that is contained in this hotfix rollup package against the B1 database.


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