Seriously off topic: What to do when a document has a mismatch of one and two spaces after the end of a sentence?

The grammar checker can be configured to flag this, but doesn’t provide a change all option, just a change! 

The answer is to use regex in find and replace (Ctrl+H):

Find what: ([.\?\!]{1} )([A-Z]{1})
Replace with: \1 \2
Options: Use wildcards

Just to be sure, here’s a screenshot:


The above will change any sentence end (full stop/period, question mark or exclamation mark) followed by one whitespace and then a capital letter into two whitespaces and the capital letter, e.g.

Did he jump? No, he did not.


Did he jump?  No, he did not.

Because we use an uppercase regex [A-Z] we don’t accidently change text that follows an acronym such as e.g. or etc.

The only problem is fields.  The regex doesn’t match fields.  I use a CUSTOMERNAME field, so many of my sentences start with the name of the customer, e.g. Contoso decided that…

I have thus far had to resort to the grammar checker to fix these, but at some point I will get bored of doing that and will work out how to fix a field too.  Feel free to expedite my understanding via the comments…  Smile


About Paul Williams

IT consultant working for Microsoft specialising in Identity Management and Directory Services.
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