New WID support limit in AD FS

Excellent news!  The number of supported federation service (FS) servers in a farm with a Windows Internal Database (WID) backend has increased from 5/10 to 30:

A WID farm has a limit of 30 federation servers if you have 100 or fewer relying party trusts. If you have more than 100 relying party trusts, a WID farm has a limit of 5 federation servers.

From the AD FS design documentation: Federation Server Farm Using WID.

For MANY customers and implementors this means no SQL, which for AD FS is nothing but a good thing!



About Paul Williams

IT consultant working for Microsoft specialising in Identity Management and Directory Services.
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4 Responses to New WID support limit in AD FS

  1. David Hoyle says:

    What do you now do with customers who have just deployed AD FS farms using SQL… Is there a migration back to WID?

    • Nothing documented. Question is can you restore a SQL DB into a WID instance? I’ll see if I can test this. Otherwise you’re scripting the configuration out, rebuilding and scripting back in again.

  2. Awesome information, pop-up no others blogs. Thanks for info.

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