Time for a change

When I first created this blog several years back WordPress asked me for a catchy site title and a brief synopsis for the site tagline.  I hadn’t really thought about this, so looked at the pre-filled strings and largely accepted them.  WordPress, creates new blogs with the site title of “Yet another WordPress blog…”, so I, using enormous levels of creativity, replaced WordPress with identity management and moved on to focus on the brief synopsis that resulted in “thoughts and opinions on Microsoft identity management”.  Groundbreaking imagination.  Smile

At the time I was very busy implementing Forefront Identity Manager, or FIM, with multiple customers.  With the usual bits and pieces that go with that.

As time has moved on my role has naturally evolved, although I stubbornly retain my consultant or SME title and focus and refuse to “mature into an architect”.  In other words I still roll up my sleeves and actually deliver!  Winking smile

But the role has changed.  The fundamental technology has changed that is.  I used to fill the odd gap with AD FS work.  Then I got real busy with some big AD FS projects and, in parallel, started doing a lot of the nasty, non-out-of-box Azure AD/Office 365 directory synchronisation projects, i.e. custom FIM-based DirSync solutions.  This quietly evolved into Azure AD Premium and all things identity and scripting that wasn’t specifically Exchange Online or SharePoint Online.

Now I find myself being one of the “identity guys”.  You want to talk about Azure AD, AD FS, MFA, CAP, AAD Connect, App Proxy, DRS and the glue that no one wants to talk about – you need Paul.  Which is very cool.  And I really enjoy this stuff.  And the next stage is likely more and more emphasis on understanding apps and clients and InTune.  None of which should simply be called “identity management”.  As I’m managing identities less and less, but building out or assisting and facilitating customers build out large and complex hybrid identity federation services infrastructures that light-up as much of the Azure AD stack as possible.

So with that in mind I’m renaming my blog and tweaking my synopsis.  Unfortunately, I still don’t really have much in terms of creativity, so the title is still quite bland.  But at least it reflects what I am doing in my day job today, which is what drives the posts.  Customer questions, problems I have to solve and mistakes my customers make or I make are the general inspiration, for want of a better term, behind my posts.

Yet another identity management blog
Thoughts and opinions on and around Microsoft Identity Management


Hybrid Identity
Thoughts and opinions on and around the subject of hybrid identity in the Microsoft cloud

Hopefully I won’t need to change this again any time soon.


About Paul Williams

IT consultant working for Microsoft specialising in Identity Management and Directory Services.
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