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GUIDs and octet strings (converting between them)

I’ve been working on a relatively simple synchronisation project that consists of two Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) forests (the source forest, a single label root domain and three child domains; and the target forest, a single domain forest … Continue reading

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FIM, System.DirectoryServices and a memory leak

It all started with a slow synchronisation.  Further inspection yielded several elements to the solution that strayed from recommended practice.  One aspect that was definitely playing a part in the slow synchronisation was several uniqueness checks against Active Directory Domain … Continue reading

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Resetting an AD DS password and honouring password history and age using the LDAP_SERVER_POLICY_HINTS control

I recently had to do some frantic experimenting around the area of password reset. I was working with a customer on a convoluted solution that necessitated a password synchronisation operation from the DMZ into a production network without a trust. … Continue reading

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Handling Request Parameters in your Workflow Activity code

I was reading Carol’s post on why there are reasons you’d want to perform actions in the Authorization (AuthZ) phase of the request processing pipeline and felt the need to respond to Carol’s statement on handling the request parameters in … Continue reading

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