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sp_executeSQL to the rescue

(a.k.a. my DEFAULT constraints aren’t working –NULL is being written to the DB.  Where are my default values?) I encountered a bug in a stored procedure I’d written that took me a little longer to fix than it should have … Continue reading

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Invoking (running) SQL Server Agent Jobs using PowerShell

As I navigate the meandering thread of complexities that is the identity management project I inevitably find myself using SQL Server more and more.  Forgone is the text delimited management agent; embraced is the database management agent (specifically, SQL Server).  … Continue reading

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SQL Server aliases

(a.k.a. Honestly…My top Layer-8 issue of 2010) SQL Server aliases: they need to be created on all clients that use them, not just the SQL Server! How do we create them?  Two primary ways: CLICONFG.EXE (%systemroot%\system32\cliconfg).  Native to Windows, the … Continue reading

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Identifying updates/changes in database delta views with nullable columns

When working with database management agents such as the SQL Server or Oracle MAs there will come a time when you’ll need a delta view. Thus far I’ve been lucky and haven’t had many instances whereby I’ve had to use … Continue reading

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Dropping and recreating the destination table in an SSIS package

As a follow up to my previous post on how one goes about importing data from a flat file data source into a SQL table and being able to have some control over the name of target table it is … Continue reading

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Importing CSV data into a user-defined SQL table (otherwise known as how to specify the table name)

I’m a total newbie to SQL Server but I’m starting to require skills in this area specifically for the purpose of manipulating and “pre-processing” data consumed by FIM. I have the “Inside SQL Server 2008 T-SQL Programming” and “SQL Server … Continue reading

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